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I’m a twenty-something girl living life in Boston, dealing with a boyfriend, dog, friends, clothes, food, money and trying to stay in shape. I work in publishing and miss living and working in New York City.

Cocoa and coffee sort of captures my personality (personalities? not that I’m schizo or anything!). Sometimes I think of myself as a quiet, introspective, sit-by-the-fireplace and read, sip cocoa, and pet the dog kind of (countryside) girl. And sometimes I’m a career-minded, fashionable (I try…), girly, smarty pants (read: know-it-all) who requires daily injections of coffee to keep me going (city girl).

And aside from having internet pseudonyms that could pass for stripper names, I’m just a (relatively) normal girl, just trying to survive my twenties!

Who are you?


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