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The Vegas dresscode

As I mentioned before, the girls and I are headed to Vegas in two weeks (!!!) for 5 days of fun in the sun and general over-the-top-ness. Most of us have never been, myself included. We’ll be seeing a show or two, doing some sightseeing, lounging by the pool, scoring free drinks from casinos, and last but not least, hitting the dance floor. Which brings up our latest dilemma – the Vegas dresscode. What does one wear to such a place? We all sort of realized that our bar-hopping go-tos for hitting up Harvard or downtown weren’t really gonna cut it in Vegas, aka Sin City, so I hopped on the net and started googling. This is what I found (shudder):

Are you kidding me?? Are these girls going to the club or the street corner? Do girls really dress like this in Vegas? Help me out, people, because I am starting to feel that we might be looking seriously out of place. Collectively the 5 of us have probably purchased 30 new dresses in the last month (and returned about 20…). We’ve tried the baggy look, the super short look, the tight look, and the boobs-in-your-face look. The only thing this experience has left me with (besides a shiny purple sack that looks kind of like a shrunken 80s prom dress) is the question – why are girls like us dressing up in clothes like that?

We’re not aiming to attract men, or get male attention as I’m guessing most of the girls wearing those clothes are. We all have boyfriends awaiting our safe return and who we love very much. Is the prospect of a free drink worth whoring oneself out for? No, I don’t think so, anyway. And yet, I have enjoyed the hunt for the perfect cute/sexy-but-not-overly-so/comfortable/shiny/beer-belly-hiding Vegas-appropriate dress! Why might this be?

I really think that half the reason girls dress like they do is because it’s still fun to play dress-up. Even when we were little and put on mom’s heels and old dresses and smeared lipstick on our faces, we loved the idea of using clothes and props to feel fancy for a day. Proms and balls and homecoming dances in grade school were another opportunity to do more of the same. To show ourselves and our peers that we are capable of some serious fancy. And sorority events and formals? Yes, please! Any excuse to get hair and nails done. Freshman year a bunch of us organized a whole dance just so we could dress up for a couple hours (no lie!).

I think another big part of the reason we like fancy-ing ourselves up is competition. Other girls. Not to get the guys’ attention, but to get the girls attention–we want other girls to think “hey she’s a competitor/threat”. I don’t know if this is a built-in behavior or not, although it certainly seems like it could be.

Now, dressing for the clubs is quite different from proms and formals. But I think the idea is the same–to put yourself in a new light for a few hours, to feel glammed-up, and to compete (for what? I am still not sure. instincts.). Whatever it is that drives us, we are prepared to be one good-looking bunch of ladies. And although I might rather wine and dine amongst ourselves and go to bed at bedtime, I have a feeling I’m in for some long nights of high heels and hairspray. Gotta do it while we’re young, eh?


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