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I actually can’t believe it’s taken more than 10 posts before I’ve talked about my hair (sorry, is that shallow?) because it’s pretty much one of my favorite topics to discuss. But here goes.

I’ve had curly red(ish) hair all my life, and have hated it for just as long. Most people’s reaction is “Really? I’d love to trade my hair for that!” When in reality, if they experienced what I do every time I get out of the shower, they’d take that right back. Because naturally, my hair is sometimes straight, sometimes curly, always frizzy, and never smooth. About four years ago I started getting the Japanese straightening done and things have been happier ever since (that’s a story for another time…). But it definitely does a number on my ends.

The good stuff.

The good stuff.

Enter, Dove Intense Therapy shampoo and conditioner! I’ve been seeing the commercials on TV for a while now with the girls saying they punish their hair by doing things like twirling and straightening (check and check!), so I thought I’d try this stuff. And it actually works! Which is nuts because I haven’t spent less than $25 on a bottle of shampoo in the last four years and here comes this $7 bottle that’s just as good if not much better than the fancy stuff. And you know I love deals like that.

So if you’re like me and you pull and twist and twirl and fry and dry and otherwise take out your anger and frustration on your poor, poor locks, definitely check this stuff out.

For some reason, in my head, this post sounded a lot less like an ad for Dove. But anyway, just sharing my unsolicited advice cuz I’m feeling nice and it’s FRIDAY, and it’s supposed to be 80 DEGREES in BOSTON this weekend.

80 DEGREES. In BOSTON. Might I remind you that it’s APRIL.

In other news, we leave for Vegas a week from tomorrow and I need vacation books! And shoes! And teeny tiny make-up and shampoo containers! And! And! And!

See what a week of work does to me? Brain: officially fried.


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