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Well I haven’t posted in a couple days and I guess that’s because the whole new book thing was a success–popped me right out of my rut. Although it’s not superbly well written or anything like that, Happens Every Day is an honest, sad, real story–and a quick read.

The author, Isabel Gillies, used to be (or still is?) an actress on Law and Order SVU, so I googled her yesterday, out of curiousity. I’m an avid googler and and pretty good at tracking people down online, and the links I followed led me straight to her and her ex-husband and his new wife, the husband stealer. In the book, Gillies talks about “Sylvia” and how they were friends until “Sylvia” stole her husband, “Josiah”. Anyway, a quick google will lead you straight to their real names and their faculty web pages at Oberlin College. Not to mention students (or readers of the book?) bashing them on ratemyprofessors.com

Crazy how the internet works, huh? Nothing is private any more. I myself have had second thoughts about starting this blog–along with posting anything to Facebook, or the whole Twitter phenomenon. There are tons of articles out there about how people have gotten screwed by putting things online. Like the people who have gotten fired over things they’ve ‘Tweeted’, or been embarassed at work over their Facebook photos.

I should mention that I’m addicted to Facebook (along with much of my generation) and I admit that in the past I could have been more selective of what went on there. But live and learn, I guess.

Since nothing you post is really anonymous online, how can you keep yourself safe? With Facebook’s TOS scare in February, the abundance of blogs and journals and diaries, and now Twitter, which can be a forum for telling the world exactly what you ate for lunch, or giving a blow-by-blow of your affair, anything you put into words is immortalized online forever. Which means it can pop up again in a job search, when a first date goes home and googles you, when you run for a public office, or when your mom, or even your kids, learns how to google. Do you really want your boss/boyfriend/mom/kids/general public to know your every thought/activity/interest from when you were in college?

Scary stuff.


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