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As alluded to in my last post, I tried my hand once again this weekend at cake pops… this time, of the non-cute-furry-or-otherwise-be-feathered-variety. Just regular old delicious cake pops. Also, without the sticks! By the end anyway. I made a beautiful white cake on Saturday let it cool overnight, only to mush it all up and mix in half a can of chocolate frosting on Sunday. Yum! Used less frosting this time and the texture of the balls was a little better… tee hee. I went with regular old chocolate flavored chocolate, and then got some peanut butter flavored chocolate to mix it up:


I used the sticks to dunk the balls, but then removed them afterward so they could sit nice and pretty on the counter to decorate and plate.


Please notice my other addictions in the background... This American Life streaming from NPR and Coke Zero. Really this was a perfect afternoon!


With my newly-acquired squeezie bottle I drizzled the peanut butter flavor over the coated cake bites, and beautified them as much as possible. Then I mixed it up a little and drizzled chocolate over peanut butter. Either way, they came out looking great and tasting even better.


And let me just say that eating these was a lot easier than eating all the little lambs and bunnies and chicks from the previous cake pop adventure. The boy agreed, and everyone at work also seemed to love these little guys. It made working on Patriots Day/Marathon Monday a little bit easier. (Still not easy, but ya know, take what you can get and all…).


Nom nom nom nom nom...

Thanks again, Bakerella, for bringing these tasty little treats into my life. And onto my thighs 🙂 Until next time…


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After seeing all of Bakerella‘s gorgeous cake pops, K1 and I decided we had to try for ourselves–with fabulous results if I do say so myself!

Over the last few days we gathered all of the supplies we needed–cake, frosting, chocolate to melt, all kinds of candy and sprinkles–$60 worth of supplies!!! (I’m seeing more decorating projects in our near future…) We laid everything out:

We had a little bit of everything it seemed. After rolling up the little balls of cake and sticking the lollipop sticks in them, it was time to dunk in the melted chocolate and decorate.
p1010049We used vanilla cake/frosting, and chocolate cake/frosting. Then we made some marbled when we got bored…

All in all, these turned out 100 times better than any of us expected. The bunnies, sheep, and chicks look almost just like (or better then!) Bakerella’s. We can’t wait to try some more of her creations. We have PLENTY of leftover sprinkles. Here are some more choice examples:

My menagerie!

My menagerie!

Ridiculously cute chicks.

Ridiculously cute chicks.

The boyfriend's Easter basket.

The boyfriend's Easter basket.

K's creation that's possibly the cutest thing I've seen.

K2's creation that's possibly the cutest thing I've seen.

Cocoa digging into a 'mess-up'.

K1 digging into a 'mess-up'.

This is what I needed after staring at sprinkles for 4 hours.

This is what I needed after staring at sprinkles for 4 hours.

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope yours is as fun and creative as ours 🙂

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