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Some people, when invited to a potluck-type gathering, have a tough time figuring out what to bring. Others have a stand by that proves to be no-fail, delicious, and easy. I suggest that if you’re in the former category, you switch to the latter with my little gem here.

I present… the Guilt-Free Brownie Trifle Mush of Wonder:

Ohhh. Emmm. Geee.

Ohhh. Emmm. Geee.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to make, and yes, it’s really (mostly) guilt-free. You’ll see how.

trifle1Gather the supplies:

1 Large Tub Fat Free Cool Whip (in the teal container)
1 Quart Skim Milk
2 Pkgs Instant Sugar-Free Fat-Free Chocolate Jell-O Pudding
1 Pkg Family-Size Brownies (whatever variety is on sale ;))
Eggs and Oil as needed for Brownies

Then, make the brownies and the pudding as directed on the packaging. Let the brownies cool, then use a fork to crumble them all up. Now you’re ready to assemble! (I told you this was EASY).


┬áStart with a layer of cool whip, then add layer of crumbled brownies. Then pudding–and so on, until you run out. Really, people, I don’t mess around with my potluck recipes. trifle3

When you’re done, refrig until you’re ready to go! (Bring some bowls and spoons. This can get messy… in a good way!)



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