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Yesterday, for work, I ended up in Concord (MA) returning products from our summer fashion photo shoot. How awesome is it that I get to check out cute towns on the North Shore and visit all kinds of fun (and way too expensive for me) boutiques? It only happens every other month or so, but still! Cute towns! Sometimes, I really love New England. It’s another way in which it’s so different from New York. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if I could I would move back to Manhattan in a minute. But it sure is nice to drive(!) 20 miles from Boston and be in New England. Last time I went to Marblehead, Salem, and Hamilton and all are equally cute. But Concord. Oh. I am in love.

I really, really want a few old frames. Anyone want to donate??

I really, really want a few old frames. Anyone want to donate??

After dropping off the goods, I stuck another quarter in the meter (half an hour! for a quarter! unheard of) and snooped around a bit. I skipped the pricey boutiques and headed for the home goods store. So! Cute! Also expensive, but I did actually buy a little grow-yourself-some-herbs kit so I could add Mint to my little windowsill collection (speaking of which, I’ll have to do a post. My Basil is finally sprouting and I’ve been spending too much time going blind trying to find sprouts in my other containers). Anyway, I moved on to the antique stores and looked through their collections. Someday, when I have lots of money, I will buy up some antiques and redecorate. Why does old stuff cost so much? I’ll never really get that. Like, who decides something is worth more because it’s a collector‘s item? Antiques Roadshow? I love you, but c’mon.

Caution: Google search for "Olive oil spout" may produce serious longings for a trip to Italy.

Caution: Google search for "Olive oil spout" may result in serious longings for another trip to Italy.

Then! (Can you tell I’m excited?) The kitchen store!! Ohmigosh. Every non-electric item you could ever, EVER need for your kitchen. Glass jars, and plastic stoppers and carrot peelers and lemon zesters and cutting boards and snack trays and muffin tins and and and… just. everything. I believe it was called “The Concord Shop” or something like that. It’s a good thing I am already stretching my budget this month, or I would have made several uncalled for purchases. As it was, I bought just an olive oil bottle stopper spout thinger.

Nom nom nom nom.

Nom nom nom nom.

Last but not least I bopped into a tiny innocent looking cheese shop. Wow. I got in line and the girl gave me 5 or 6 cheeses to taste and holy crap. Cheese! So delicious!! So of course I bought some cheese and a couple rolls and some chocolate (obvi.) and had myself a nice little snack on the way home. I left and drove around a bit and found at least ten houses I could happily grow old in. Life was good. I was officially in love.

Then I got home and went online out of curiosity and checked the average price for a 3-bed house. Half a million. FML.


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